Warranty Exchange in UK- user has to pay £52 import tax?

Purchased NAS 6Tb Red drive from Box.co.uk. Failed after 6 months. Was directed to return it to WD UK agent in Swindon UK. They received it and acknowledge it would be replaced. 2 weeks later UPS turn up demanding £52 import duty for shipment from Poland. You gotta be joking. Box say talk to WD. But how. No one respond to emails, chat is not working and there is no UK phone number. Where do go and who do I contact.
Incident Details
Reference #: 210113-005135
Category: Warranty & Replacement
Subject: Warranty replacement of 6tB Red drive

had the ups email today. £80 odd import tax. Is this something to do with brexit? if so these costs should be covered by WD at the very least. I’m fuming to say the least. Did you pay it?

Yes I did. Had to pay to get UPS to release it. I am still trying to get refunded. I’ll post if I do. I still don’t think this is my issue that WD don’t carry warranty replacement in the UK

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