Warranty and recovery

A week ago I’ve a very strange situation. Pretty in same time broke down both hard disc of my pc and external disc WD Mybook 1.5 TB. I tried to make backup from the hard disc of my pc but it’s too damaged. All my hopes gone in a wind in the moment when the WD Mybook showed the same problem.

Because my guarantee license is still active, I’ve deliver it to local service and there was a new shock for me.

They give me only 2 loosely solutions

  1. You can try to recover your data wherever you want, but in that very moment warranty license is out of reach.

  2. We can replace your WD 1.5 TB for a new WD 2.0 TB with extra payment of 30$ but without trying to recover your data.

I find a bad managing and very bad advertising of product because of

  1. For me $200 (the price of new device in Macedonia) really matters.

  2. And for me is hardly assuming the fact of low interest for my really frustrating situation as a loyal customer. Also I think service should give me the same one at any time with storage of 1.5 TM without extra paying.

Because the case of losing complete data for me is equal of losing my head, cannot allow myself not to check for recover at any place in the world, but also I want to have warranty active. Have some of you similar experience and what about options I have.

Wow, to my understanding, you can contact WD directly and they will allow you to do data recovery on your hard drive without voiding the warranty on the unit.

You might need to contact WD.