Warning - OS5 for MyCloud Ex2 Ultra

This is to warn anyone wants to upgrade your MyCloud device from OS3 to OS5, the missing main function of OS5 is you won’t be able to download the entire Folder anymore. Imagine you are somewhere outside and need to install the pre-purchased software save in your MyCloud device at home. You can’t download the whole folder no more. Haven’t gone through entirely whether other type of file will have similar issue with this.

But this is the big downside of OS5 and if you are ok with OS3 which is worked fine previously, don’t upgrade the firmware.

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These forums remind me of when we use to roll out beta packages in a game i was a moderator for. LOL!! Mobsters 2 Vendetta on Facebook. Cept this isnt a game, its peoples DATA!!! =/

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Bad part is I did upgrade and now totally regret.