WARNING: If you have two or more HUBS or Live-SMP's

… running 3.00.28 and 1.04.12, and you’re using NASes, there is a SEVERE Content Aggregation Bug…

If you are…

  • Using NAS Boxes
  • Using two or more Live Hubs *or* Live SMPs (or any combination) with access to the same “FIRST SHARE.”

… your media library database *WILL* be corrupted and it will NOT FUNCTION correctly.

By FIRST SHARE, I mean the first share listed is the same for both boxes.   And this ONLY need to be the FIRST SHARE.  If all the others are different, it is STILL BROKEN.   But if the FIRST SHARE is different for both of them, then there will be no problem.

The reason is because the boxes try to store their data in the .wd_tv folder of the FIRST SHARE that it has access to via your Media Library.

I do not know what the effect is if you select SPECIFIC SHARES in the Content Library Management section.

Here is the issue report with details:


I have Media Library running on two SMPs to the same NAS and no issues so far (same user access to the NAS devices).  However, I’ve only spent about 5 hours with them and will do further testing tonight, and add up to two more SMPs as well.