Wants password but there was never one set

I loaned someone my hard drive so they could copy somethings when I pluged it back into my computer , it wants password. I never had one. I need help. There are bussiness files on it. I read where a password could be reset but never got to there it won’t let me. I always just pluged and played  HELP HELP PLEASE

As far as I know there is no way around the password. Try the drive on a different user account like the guest account or on a different PC.


this is the reason you never lend out your hard drive if you have critical data on it.  also, you must always have a secondary backup (I know, it’s redundant, but so should your backups be).  finally, if your friend just pulled the data cable out just after copying some files, he/she most likely corrupted some data, and it could trigger the drive to look for a password, because that sector got corrupted.