Wanted to ask a question but

I was going to ask a question about my Passport Essential, but after reading some of the questions and then the replies given, I’ve decided I’ll look elsewhere.  I would just like to say as a new user to this site I don’t understand why the people that offer to help seem to be at times a little smug about their knowledge.  That is just my opinion.  Someone could at least acknowledge, that they’ve read the question and don’t have a solution, or they can’t explain in terms that can be understood to a new user, but for goodness sakes at least acknowledge the message was read.  Sorry but I’ve seen so much of this on several community websites.  A couple of knowledgeable people letting the rest of us know that we ask dumb questions is not helpful.  Haven’t you ever heard, “there are no dumb questions” before?  I’ll keep my questions to myself.  Who needs the added stress of rude strangers?  Not me.


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