Want to view videos by Folder, not default heirarchy

So I have 4th of data. That’s great, however I don’t want to view it by Date, Genre, etc. I created folders called TV Shows, Movies, etc… I simply want to browse on my TV to the folder I want to watch, select the video, and watch it.

Is this not possible with the Duo? I just assumed this would be a natural feature. That’s how the media is organized on the drive - in folders. Otherwise, it’s a multi-hundred-dollar paperweight as far as a media server is concerned.

Please tell me I’m missing something here…

Welcome to the Community.

This is not a feature of the WD My Book Live Duo, but rather the media browser you are using. If your playback device supports direct access to network shares then you will see a folder tree structure like you see on your computer or with WD’s own Media Players. However, if you are using a device that only supports DLNA and no direct network share access then the files will be displayed in a “library” view using metadata and/or filenames.

I would recommend confirming if your TV allows for a different layout for displaying/listing DLNA media server content, or better yet direct network share access.


Ok, not the answer I was hoping for, but it does make sense I suppose.