Want to use MyBook Essential drive formatted in NTFS in Mac OS-x as well as Windows 7

I’m looking for a new, large capacity external HDD, and like the WD MyBook Essential 3TB unit, based on my good experience with my current 1TB MyBook.  But I need an external HDD that while formatted in NTFS for main use with PC’s running Windows 7, can also be read & written by Macs running OS-X.  The MyBook Essential does not specify an NTFS driver for Macs, but I found an article stating that this can be enabled in Snow Leopard 10.6.  I also found some articles touting NTFS drivers for the Mac OS-X.

Is anyone using a MyBook Essential drive formatted in NTFS, with both Windows 7 PC’s and Macs running OS-X?  I’d appreciate any relevant feedback.



I don’t know much about Macs. Drives for Windows that are 2T and under are formatted NTFS MRB above 2T They are NTFS GPT. Does your Mac recognize drives larger than 2T? To write to a NTFS drive from a Mac you will need something like NTFS-3G http://mac-free.com/download/NTFS-3G.html