Want to use external drive as an internal drive

I have a My Book World Edition ( White Light )  and I don’t need it hooked up to my network anymore so I want to take out the 1TB drive and use it as an internal drive in my desktop, only problem is I can see the drive in the device manager but not in My Computer, I’m guessing cause the hard drive is formatted using some kind of Lunix format.

Is there anyway to convert the hard drive to a windows format like (FAT32 or NTFS) so I can use it in windows without losing the data that’s already on the drive??

The reason I’m worried about data lose is that obisvously I have taken the My Book apart already not even thinking about any problems that I might have with windows seeing it, just wondering if there was anyway to convert it to an windows format without losing the data so I dont have to put the whole My Book back together and rehook it up to my network and then transfer around 600 gigs or so of data off of it ( if you have one of these you already know how slow it is to transfer files to and from it, and 600 gigs will take forever) so I can then put it into my desktop and format it to NTFS.

Thanks in advanced for any and all help.

I suppose that you have mounted your WD hard drive

as the second drive in your desktop.

And kept the original hard drive to boot Windows.

Before destroying the WD hard drive by formatting it,

why not install Windows drivers for the Linux file-system?

Then you can reach the data on your WD hard drive from

within your Windows.

Just a suggestion… Google is your friend!


M Hx

sounds liek a great idea, thanks will google for it