Want to use as ext drive, delete files from computer

Hi all - I bought this MyBook Essential for the purpose of moving my pix and music to it, deleting them off my computer to hopefully increase speed etc.  I’m a little (lot) nervous about this, not sure how to go about it.  Are any of you with the MyBook Essential using it like this?  If so, I’m confused about:

1.  Do I need to change the retrieval folder address to the MyBook/ N: drive?

2.  After I figure out how to route my files in my music and photo programs to an N: address, do I still run the auto backup stuff?  Seems kinda silly to back up files on the harddrive to another spot on the hard drive, but I might just be hard drive illiterate :slight_smile:

3.  Suggestions, dos and don’ts?


Bad idea having data on only one physical drive and this has nothing to do with WD or external drives. External drives have some extra hazzads especially if they are moved around between PCs and constant plug unplug. If it gets messed up you’re out of luck. Do a little searching and you will find many posts here where people have lost  their movies pictures music and other important stuff to just one drive. If you want it off your actual PC drive at least use 2 externals,online backup or an old doggy PC