Want to transfer backups to a new profile on same computer -- need directions please

My Windows 7 profile became corrupted.  And, I don’t know how.

But, I created a new profile and pointed my new profile to all my document and picture folders in the former profile.

I had WD Anywhere backing the two major folders.

Now I want to transfer the backup scheme to the new profile without deleting the files and resaving them.

How can I point WD Anywhere to the older backups in my new folder and continue backing the same data and picture folders?

If reactivate backup plan doesn’t do it then start a new backup plan.

Thanks…however tech support replied to my direct query and said I needed to restore (if need be) and do a new backup in the new profile.  So I took the torturous and ardous path.  It has something to do with the *.mda file.; I think.