Want to stop backing up and use it to store what I put on it

Where do I go to set if my 1-T My Book WD100000H 1U-00 I cannot find any place to set up the backing up. It is nearly full and I don’t need to use it to back up anymore but I have songs from itunes that it apparently is the only place that my itunes goes to find some songs and if I move them or delete them itunes can not find/play the songs?? So frustrated!!!

Can anyone help?? I have tried to make a new library in itunes and have tried just copying the songs to the itunes area on my main drive - does not find the songs. :frowning:

Looks like the iTunes library was moved to the external drive.

You can put the library in any location you wish. Please see the following article for more information:


The article applies for moving to an external drive but the same should apply to move to another location.