Want to retrieve the Data from my Passport

My Laptop Hard disk has crashed. All my data are readable though browser on my WD Passport. after changing HD, i need to retrieve the Data to my new HD. plugging the Passport and launching the  Smartware shows the passport with no contents to be retrieved. any solution?

Hi there, what if you try to update Smartware to the latest version and then let the software finish a new backup?

I know it sounds weird because you want to restore files, but when the new backup is completed then you should be able to see a plain folder called “smartware.swstor” inside your Passport with all of your files!

Thx for your support. indeed i have “smartware.swstor” on the Passport and i can see my previous files. but as you know, it will be multiple copies of each file and too much not necessary files. thus i believe we have to use the smartware application to retrieve my file to a new location in the HD.

You don’t have to use the application to restore the backup, that’s the reason the files are on a simple folder that you can copy out to the place you would like it to be… Just like with any other folder on your computer.

On the other hand, unless you had the option to keep multiple copies on then it should only be a master copy, and even if not you can just erase the additional files after you copy the folder out.

Still, if you want to restore the files using Smartware then there’s not much you can do if the files are not on the retreive tab…

I’d just copy the files out, they are organized like the computer (Computer name folder> Volume letter folder> User folder> Your personal user folder> your files)