Want to purchase MyBook Live DUO 4TB -- pre-purchase questions DLNA

I am interested in purchasing one.  I have read the messages but want to confirm a few issues that I have seen on the board.  I really like the descriptions and I want to be able to do the following:

  1. Stream video to Samsung TV ( we have 2 late model DLNA  equipped models)

Would like to play .vob files natively.   I have the Western Digital media player and it is the only one that I found that

does a good job

  1. Stream audio onkyo receiver  HT RC360 via DLNA server

I read on the forum that there were some issues witht the above but havent seen if the May firmware updates have totally resolved.

We have 2 houses ( one rental one for my work) and we use FIOS.  Would it be fast to play files stored on WD Duo in House at at house B? 

Many thanks

The MBLD is a DLNA compliant device so it should work fine. On your local network the FIOS transfer speed doesn’t matter, but to remotely access the MBLD from an iPhone, android phone or computer, you can use the WD2GO app.