Want to get rid of partitions on my drive and have it back to default settings

Hi i bought a passport essential drive for my dad so that i could put media files on it for him to watch through his playstation 3 but the PS3 did not recognise the drive. It recognised my old drive for some reason. Anyway took it to a local electrical dealer and asked one of the technicians there what to do to make the ps3 recognise it. He took it and put three partitions on it and  the ps3 still never recognised the dam thing. Anyway i got my dad a wdtv to use it through his television and a new drive. I have the drive with the partitions on and wish to sort it out for using at home for media files playing through my television. How do i undo what he has done? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

The PS3 compatible file system is Fat32, perhaps your drive is formatted as NTFS. I have found a WD article to reformat your drive and also to create or remove partitions.


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