Want to find utility to set MAX capacity

my 1TB WDEZEX drive seems now 33MB in BIOS suddenly, after
a normal PC shutdown. Finally I found a software to recover all of
my data, but want to use full capacity.

I found this solution and software here,
(and a DOS program from other known manufacturer but afraid to try
to my WD drive).

I wonder if similar software exists from WD, to set MAX capacity
of 1TB in my drive, and probably see all my files again.

Hello there,

Does the same amount appear on disk management for this drive? Also have you changed anything on the computer or the operating system before getting this issue?

Yes, in Windows I see the same amount of disk space. As I saw in
BIOS, it recognizes the hard disk in a wrong way. I see this geometry
of drive:

Cylinder: 64
Head: 16
Precomp: 0
Landing Zone: 63
Sectors: 63

At your second question, I did my usual jobs. I copied some files from USB stick to hard disk. I shut down
the pc then. When I opened again the pc, it said “do you want to format the hard disk bla bla bla”.

I realized my hard disk had a problem, and I thought that I lost
500 GB of data (half of disk capacity) and wanted to get back the disk to the store I bought it, but wanted to save my files first.

The pc technician of the store, told me that the file system of hard
disk is only corrupted, so I started my search on Google for recovery tools.

Finally, a friend from internet suggested to me the best recovery
tool, that I discovered that not only finds all of my files, and do
not rename them as most other tools do, e.x.as photo0001.jpg, photo0002.jpg, but restores the original file name, and date created/modified/accessed. It sees all the files, as it were on disk before.

So to be short on my story, I did a scan to my drive and saw all the
files. I will have to back them up, on an other empty hard disk drive
I bought. They were all restorable.

But my problem really now is to try to restore the full capacity of my hard disk. As I found, it’s a bug from Gigabyte motherboard, that
suddenly sees wrong capacity, to help you understand better what happened. At this point, luckily, I remember a hard disk from other
known manufacturer, that a friend gave me as bad, that had the
same exact problem. It was 1TB, and recognized as 33MB in BIOS.
I used that drive, as experimental, just to understand what
was really happening on my own drive, without having to do
some damage to my own files.

I don’t tell you the name of manufacturer, but I tried that hard disk,
to my motherboard, and his software. I found a utility in ISO, burned it to cd-rom, and booted in MS-DOS. I found that it had a menu, to set the maximum capacity of the disk. I run that, and when rebooted I entered in BIOS, and saw that the full capacity of that hard disk, had been restored.

There is similar software in Hiren’s boot cd, called MHDD I think.
And the last solution, is the free software, on my first post.

So, to come in our case, I need the same type of utility, from Western Digital, that will set, again, the maximum capacity (max LBA) in my drive.

It’s not a mechanical problem of the drive, as I first though. It has to
do with some firmware corruption, or somethink like that.
But at least I can get my files back. So that’s why, I want to find
the software from WD, and not a third party application.

I am sure you have some type of this software, but I don’t think it is included in WD LifeGuard Tools.

To finish, as I did a lot of search on internet, it’s a common
problem for hard disk drive with large capacity. I tell this for every other person had the same problem with me.

There is a solution, to have back the lost capacity, and most
important our files. Normally, technicians at WD should be
aware of this problem, I found this solution myself, at
some point.

I am a pc technician myself, so please offer me some utilities from inside WD, that are not available to the public, at download area.

I am sure, it could save me a lot of time, and you of cource,
from returning the drive, it’s still in warranty, with 14
days of real use.

And without having the fear, you to fomat my drive in your
service area, and lose my files, just to repair it. It’s a part
that I can restore my files, and not having to send it abroad
for repair, while waiting for 1 month or more to return.

Thank you very much,