Want to create a system image and also have smartware instantly backup new data files separately

I want a system image that I can use to restore my computer but I also want, just for data backup purposes, to use smartware to create an instant, on the fly backup of data files I change so that I can restore or use the back up on a differenjt computer if my pc goes down.

Running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit, just purchased a My Book Essential 1TB with usb 3.0 support.

I was thinking of partitioning the my book drive, putting the system image in one partition and then having smartware use the other partition for it’s on going instant back up of any changed data file.

Not sure if I can do this, not sure how to do it, any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome

It should work. You should be able to use Windows backup to make your image. Personally I partition my HD and have the system on one and data on the other. I use Acronis True Image 2010. I also do my system image by booting from rescue CD. That way nothing else is running in background to cause problem like automatic updates or defragg.


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