Want SD container file for orig SDvideo, orig Audio, and attached subs


I have found my HD movies to work great in m2ts format.  This allows me to have the original video, sound, and subtitles all in 1 wrapped up file.   No loss and no conversion of original information.   I can turn on and off subtitles as needed and its all in 1 file.

But now my problem is finding a format for my standard def videos.   I can rip to mkv with passthrough of original video and sound but the subtitles come out as 2 extra .idx .sub files.   This works but is messy.     I am having a hard time finding a video format I can wrap all 3 streams in without a conversion.    Ideas?   I like being able to turn off the subtitles so hard coding is not a option.

I prefer no conversion of video or audio.  This allows full quality and quickest wrapper file making.   If I have to go to mkv +sub+idx to another container thats fine.

I am currently using the original .iso files with DVDfab.    MKV option in this program seems to be the only format with passthough or original video and audio streams. 


There’s no need to rip the IDX/SUB streams into separate files…  The WDTV handles MKV+IDX/SUB (a/k/a VOBSUB) just fine.

hmm ok lost me.   I check the MKV files I have generated in VLC and only show video and audio streams.   Is there a way to push in the subtitle stream?  Or are you talking about a different file format?

It’s probably a configuration option in DVD Fab…  

Easiest way to do this is MakeMKV.

OK tried MakeMKV and all is good.  All 3 streams and works great.   Fast too.  Thanks.

DVDFab needs a new option.  

Until then I am using MakeMKV.  Looks like beta key will expire at end of month.   Hope they issue new keys.