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Just set this up tonight but one question i got. On my computer i got a folder called movies and a file called tv shows. Its the only two folders i wish to share. They are on the same drive. When i go to video I want only those two folders to show up not all the other folders on the drive to show up too. I got this for my parents so i want accessing the media to be as simple as possible. Right now when i click on video from the menu i see C, E, F, and public share. I guess its trying to share the entire computer :(  I understand you can’t exclude folders but can you set it up to only include these 2 folders?

You don’t have to share the complete drive, you can share only specific folders. More information below:


If you want to hide certain folders from being seen by the WDTV you can start the folder name with a period “.”

I use this frequently for backups of stuff that is already on one of my WDs. For example, I have all of my studio albums on an external drive attached to my LiveHub in a folder called “Studio Albums”. I then have an exact copy of that on a different external drive attached to my LivePlus in another room called “.Studio Albums Backup”

This way I have two copies on my network yet there is no confusion when going to listen to my music, both ot the WD boxes only see the one without the “.” in front of it. Not as pretty as having a NAS backup or something similar but at the moment it is a cheap way for me to do backups. I have access to those directories via windows, but they are just not seen by the LivePlus or the LiveHub.

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I have 3 folders, Movies, TV and Music. (Photos will be next when I get to loading them). The music is on the internal drive, the movies on a USB drive connected directly to the hub, and TV is on a NAS.

I go to them in the Movies tab, dig down until I get to where the folder I want is, then make it a favorite. I change filters, go find the next folder and do the same.

When I want to access them, I simply go to the favorites area and there they are-direct access. I delete the services I don’t use so only the favorites ARE my favorites. Only problem is, if you have to reset your device, you have to rebuild the favorites, but it only takes a couple minutes.

pearl wrote:

If you want to hide certain folders from being seen by the WDTV you can start the folder name with a period “.”



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pearl I’m trying to hide some folders on the HUB internal disk by putting a “.” period in front of the name,  I get the error “you must type a filename.” This is using the Windows 7x64 Explorer. In fact I get the same error if I try to rename folders on the PC disk. I’m sure I did this in the past. I’ve tried from a different PC running WinXP and I get the same error. Any ideas why I this is happening?


Windows Explorer doesn’t allow you to do it.

I did mine from the command prompt.


You are correct, command prompt will do it. One thing I have noticed though is that my Windows Vista machine does see the directories that start with a period when I view that share in explorer. My Windows  7 Machines do not show those directories. May have somthing to do with showing hidden files etc but I have not yet figured that out and as I can acces them from Vista it has not been a priority for me to solve


I found a work around to change the folder name from Explorer. Rename the folder to something like this “.Media.txt”

Then delete the “txt” BUT LEAVE the dot so that you have “.Media.” Windows will automatically delete the trailing dot and leave you with a folder called “.Media” I know it is probably quicker to do this from a command prompt, but I’ve got lazy in my old age and I’ve forgotten most of my old DOS skills:smiley:

Incidentally when I searched for this solution I found a suggestion as to why you can’t put a dot at the beginning of a file name. By default Windows hides file extensions and hidden files. If you didn’t have anything in front of the dot,  Windows would hide what it thinks is an extension and your file would “disappear” :confounded: Of course a lot of people suggested that hiding file extensions by default wasn’t a very clever idea by Microsoft in the first place :smiley: So not being able to put a dot in front of a filename is a “safety” feature to protect us from Microsoft’s bad design :smileyvery-happy: So make sure you have changed Windows to view file extensions and hidden files :smiley:

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