Want cheap safepoint drive?

Found a cheap way to add safepoint backup to your cloud storage.

Get a dock.  I bought the Rosewill RX301-PU3-35B.  3.0 USB speed and it’s cheap for under $20.

Get a hard drive.  I bought the Hitachi 2TB 32MB Cache CoolSpin SATAIII drive.  Can get it for under $70.  Of course if you need more space then go with a different brand as the 4TB model costs over $300.  This drive is made for video CCTV backup so it’s not really fast but it’s low power and perfect for safepoint backups where speed doesn’t really matter.

Total package for under $90.  And it works.  I’m using it now.  Figured I better get a safepoint drive since I have over 3000 pictures and over 100 videos saved on the cloud drive which isn’t saved anywhere else.  Love the android app and automatic saving to the drive right after taking a picture.  One less worry of my phone getting stolen and losing all my pictures of my kids growing up.

The drive has to be formatted before using it.  I didn’t have a 3.0 USB port to plug it into to format so I used a 2.0 port.  Took over 27 hours to do a full format (not quick format).  Good thing I only have to do it once.

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Thanks for sharing your findings with the community, hopefully this will help a few users.

Want a really cheap interface? Buy a SATA/IDE to USB converter. I bought one for £3.58 delivered, so I could extract the recorded programmes from a Humax PVR SATA disk. And it wasn’t the cheapest I found… Bare ones, no enclosure, though.

The .ts format files are indexed by Twonky and play nicely under Kodi, etc.