I heard it was possible to set custom wallpapers on this device. I would just like to know if there’s any truth to that and no I’m not talking about themes. What I mean is can you navigate to your pictures, select a picture, and set it as your wallpaper? If it’s not that simple how exactly would I go about doing that? I apologize ahead of time if this has already been answered.



Yep…  It’s easy.

Just go pick a photo.  Doesn’t matter where it is; local drive, NAS storage, or USB Device.

View the picture, hit OPTIONS, and SET AS BACKGROUND.

Easy peasy.

Cool, thanks man. I’m considering getting one, but I already have a Live Plus, so it’s not really necassary at the moment. If the price would drop I would probably get one though. Better yet I wish they would make one without the 1 TB hard drive. I already have an external hard drive, so I have no need for an extra TB of space.