Wallpaper resolution

Hello is there a standard wall paper resolution that the WDTV Live uses for wallpapers? I googled but I can’t find any information anywhere.


Well, the RV-BG.jpg (which is the Default Wallpaper in xml theme code … is 1280x720 )

When you select a custom wallpaper … it will replace the RV-BG.jpg and the standard resolution is still 1280x720


if you select a 1920x1080 image … it will downscale it to 1280x720 otherwise the GUI will slowdown to a snails pace.

Thanks. I did manage to find the resolution on another thread on this forum. 1280x720.

Can I just say that a black and whote photo looks awesome as a wallpaper with the coloured icons in the foreground. I ended up using this photo -  http://hqwide.com/wallpapers/l/1920x1080/42/cityscapes_architecture_new_york_city_skyline_cities_1920x1080_41510.jpg