Wall gallery view (must have)


Does anybody know where I can download this theme to get this wall view for the hub. It looks the best. I found it on youtube posted by JoeySmith991. Link below.


Pic of view attached. If anyone knows where to get it or has it can youplease upload the link as I have been searching for a view that incorporates this kind of look. Thanks

wall view [1600x1200].jpg


actually that one was not the ‘exact’ one … but here is modded version of the above the looks closer to the youtube video.


(no password)

I hope you realise, this is done with ‘Moviesheets’ ?  And in this case my “AeonishHub Stage 3” sheets.


Thanks heaps JoeySmyth for those links. Its a shame the files have 15 thumbnails instead of your orginal 12 which looks much more professional. Do you happen to know the specs (x,y,w,h) for the 12 thumbnails. Have tried modifying the files but cannot get them to look like yours.

Thanks heaps.

Hi Again Joeysmyth

I fogot to mention that yes I am using your AeonishHub Stage 3 sheets but I did mean to ask how can I get rid of the mirror image at the bottom. I am just looking for the standard thumbnail image but all my thumbnails have a reflecting image as part of your AeonishHub Stage 3 Thumbgen template. Is their a way to turn that off or just get the thumbnail and fanart as a thunbgen template. Sorry for all the questions but if I get this bit right I think I might be set as I love this theme.


You can use Thumbnail Designer to modify the Movie template. I could do it for you but I’m not sure if Joey would approve. I’m making a TV series template for this theme as well.
Cheer :slight_smile: