Wake On Lan Sleep Mode

I want to be able to access my drives 24/7, but I also don’t want them running full speed all of the time. I really want a way for My Cloud Home to be able to sleep. I might return the product otherwise. Can you add this functionality please? I really enjoy this device and wake on lan sleep mode is the only thing it is lacking!

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This device is made to be on 24/7. Don’t except WD to add such a feature anytime soon.

This is the only reason why I will ditch this device and buy a proper NAS. I hate when I hear the noise of the MY Cloud Home during night.
IT would be very simple to integrate some sleep mode. I think it is just lazy programming.

completely agree, i cant believe they cant implement a simple sleep mode where we can choose to let sleep after so long of being idle or a simple clock option

i could at least then select the unit to sleep between midnight and 9am for example

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