Wait to resize 4 bay MyCloudPR4100

I had 3 x 4TB drives in the PR4100. I then added another 1 x 4TB drives to create a larger RAID setup. However after 11 days waiting I still have the a 'Wait to resize" issue where I cannot see the extra space created by adding the 4th hard drive, I cannot restart my NAS box as it says it is in the process of resizing.

I have read some of the posts in this forum about connecting via SSH but my NAS will not allow that. Nor can I copy all my data across to another NAS as I don’t have one.

How can I resolve this issue?

Many thanks for any help.

There are only 4 bays and but I see you had 3 disks installed. Wonder what is affecting your ability to access it with SSH which is standard?


I have 4 bays and 4 discs installed.

I asked WD support yesterday about what to do and they said to wait for another 48 hrs to see if the resizing process completes, they did not seem to think there was anything wrong.

I will let you know what happens with support.

Still not sure about the SSH access.



ssh should be connectable using putty which is a free tool for linux users



Thank you for sending the link to putty, very kind.

Thought I would give an update on this issue.

It is now 3 weeks since I first logged this issue with WD Reference #: 210505-003690. WD asked me to submit the log file for the NAS box.

Since then my NAS box is still saying 'Waiting to resize" it has also stopped allowing my Mac to connect to it via TimeMachine. It also will not allow me to transfer any data from it. I can’t restart it, nor update it as the resizing process won’t allow it.

So I have spend £1,000 on a new nas drive that has all my data on it but won’t actually do anything and WD support has done nothing for 3 weeks!!!

I wanted to share this experience with you all.

Stay safe.

Well after 4 weeks and no support from WD except to ask some really odd questions, say that the log file was to big for their system to accept and tell me to do a 40 second reset they achieved nothing. So I decided to migrate all data to a collection of hard drives, and start again by formatting the WD discs and building a RAID from scratch using all the drives.

WD support appeared to not know about this software bug! I don’t believe that as it is written all over this support group. I think that WD just haven’t addressed the issue, which is a shame.

So 6 weeks after purchase and dozens of wasted hours I now have a working RAID 10 nas box.

A poor experience in my eyes.