W15EARS and Windows Home Server

After successfully testing my drives on a Win7 machine, I put my WD15EARS drives in a Windows Home Server machine.

If you are putting these drives in a Windows Home Server (WHS) you should read this forum post:


And this thread on wegotserved:


These are the guidelines they set up:

  • EARS as system drive must not be jumpered but aligned immediately after install (before other EARS drives are attached as data pool drives).
  • EARS drives as data pool drives can only be used with jumpers
  • Never run WDALIGN on WHS with a jumpered EARS drive as data pool drive.

Also, WDAlign needs to be hacked in order to run on WHS.  Hopefully WD will update WDAlign.  WD guys?

All the posts I have read are dealing with the Green Drive (EARS), I have a 1TB black (FALS) are the same problems encountered with the black?

Well I put my WD1001FALS-00J7B0 Drive into my WHS, it worked right away there were no problems. So it seems the morale of the story is use the WD Black series for the best posible outcome, and not having to use WDALIGN.