W10 PC cannot 'see' My Cloud Home 4TB

In my W10 PC under File explore → Network, there is no reference to my My Cloud Home.
Via IE and using mycloud.com/hello I have been able to drag&drop folders & files and can ‘see’ them, but the PC still cannot ‘see’ them. Hence I cannot set up backups etc.
My Cloud Home and my PC and both connected to my router.
I am sure it is a very simple problem, but got me beat. Any help will be fantastic

Are you running WD Discovery. It must be running, and you need to log in to My Cloud.

My Cloud Home Data Access Options


  • Private User Space

Content added to the Private User Space is only accessible using MyCloud.com, the My Cloud Home mobile app for Android or iOS and the WD Discovery MyCloud.com Login Desktop App.
Private User space cannot be accessed by:


I am logged into My Cloud Home and WD Discovery is running . The message says desktop App not supported on 32 bit OS and also no USB device.
Also I cannot setup a Drive Z: as the PC cannot see it.
I tried to send a pdf picture, but new users are not allowed to send updates.

Also each time I click off WD Discovery, the App vanishes

Also tried to install WD backup and WD Disk utilities - both failed to install.

Unfortunately WD Discovery cannot fully support Windows 32 bit OS. WD Discovery could run but cannot support the 64 bit KDD and Wdsync processes which are needed to run the file system required for sharing and accessing the ‘private user space’ which is the online sharable space.

Hi Tekram
Thank you for your help.
This is all getting too difficult. I just wanted a simple plug and play back up facility. I need to return the device back to the seller.
One final question. I need to delete the files I have uploaded. On physical disk systems deleting files , just deletes the headers but leaves data within the files on the disk. Is this true for WD My Cloud Home systems? If so is there a utility to re-org/re-format the disk to remove the actual data

I am sorry you didn’t get to read the system requirement before purchasing (‘64 bit OS required’). There is also instruction in the manual to show how to reset the device and wipe data, please see pages 10 and 11.

Thank you for the manual. Very helpful
PS With Covid restrictions, I was recommended the NAS by a retailer over the phone. No mention was made of the 64 bit reqt. I am returning the NAS to the retailer.
Thank you for all your help. Have a good weekend.

Hi Tekram
Sorry to bother you again, but I have another associated issue.
I followed the 60 sec reset procedure in the manual. And just to check that it had worked, I logged on again. The data ‘appeared’ to have disappear, but the system recognised me as being a user, which was not what the manual said. If the 60 sec reset has been followed please reassure me that the all the data has been completely erased and that no technical wiz can recover it. Many thanks

Are you somebody famous that someone would track down your package and try to retrieve your erased data? :grinning: If you are, then you should just destroy the device and not take the chance that it may fall into nefarious purposes because there is no easy way to erase the data bit by bit without taking apart the unit and void the warranty. But if nobody is after your data, why would anyone bother tracking it down, taking it apart, spend a lot of time hacking just to look at some stranger’s data?

The system recognized your account because you probably have not “removed” the unique MCH device from your account.

Your response did make me smile :joy: :joy:
NO - sadly I am not famous and NO - I am not expecting somebody to track the collection courier, locate the parcel and holding it aloft shout “I’ve found it” as if holding some ancient relic. But I am somebody who is very concerned about identity theft. Once that occurs it can take months if not years to rectify.
I am concerned that if the disk is re-packaged by the retailer and sent out again, a tech person may be able to use the basic NAS programming code (machine code) to access the information.
Being an ex-programmer (in the 1970’s) I know what I could do with machine code then.!! Skills long forgotten.
Thanks for the link, I will try it and see if that gives me confidence.
Thanks for everything.