Vudu promo code on WD Live not working

I just got my new WD Live and it’s pretty great. The problem I’m having is that the Special Offers tab has code for a $15 Vudu credit. But when I try to use the code given, the vudu website says it’s invalid.

I’ve re-entered it multiple times, and tried both upper and lower case (it appears in all upper case), but it just won’t work.


Haven’t got this offer

try going to Vudu’s Web for more info about the offer

Hello Philomorph,

Our apologies for the issues you’re encountering with the promotional code. Please give us a call at (888)554-VUDU; we should be able to help get it added to your account.

Similar vein: I have been able to successfully register and use the code on 1 WD TV Live  streaming device. However, when trying to follow the same steps for a second just-purchased WD TV Live, I am not even presented with the special offers tab.

The promotion at indicates that “some offers are only available for new account sign-ups”, but I haven’t been able to determine if this is the problem I’m seeing. Can you please clarify what (if any) of the Vudu promotion would apply to a 2nd WD TV Live being added to an existing Vudu account?

Thanks for a great service. We are branching out from Comcast On Demand and GREATLY prefer Vudu - our movie wish list is a mile long! Keep up the good work!


Guess what? I was just able to redeem my $15 movie credit and got a $9 credit from Vudu??? What is this supposed to mean?

The WD TV Live promo breaks down to $9.01 from WD and $5.99 for a new Vudu account.

Still not sure why a I don’t even see the special offers tab on my second WD TV Live unit. Interesting: shows only one WD device, but sure looks like there’s room for more…

Update: Vudu Support suggested I activate/login to the second device, and the $5.99 credit was immediately received from Vudu. Vudu Support tells me that the $5.99 “trial” credit is valid for every device activated.

Still not seeing anything for the WD $9.01 portion, or if the WD credit is even valid for a second device - ideas anyone?