VPN with My Net 900?

Hi everyone, I wonder if one can set up a VPN between a firewall and a My Net 900 ? I’ve quickly read the features on the website and haven’t seen anything about VPN Tunnels, so I guess this is not possible… but i may have read too fast… can somebody be straight and tell me yes you can, or no you can’t :wink:

If not, is it possible to set the my Net as a bridge device behind a firewall that will handle VPN tunnels ?

Thanks in Advance and Happy New Year to everyone :slight_smile:


If you mean setting the MyNet 900 to be the VPN termination point, no, you can’t.

But yeah, you ought to be able to allow VPN tunnels THROUGH the 900.

I’d like to know the same thing.   I want to run a vpn server (mac os x server) and access it from outside.    Port forwarding appears to be knowledgeable of the proper ports for pptp and ipsec (not l2tp) in that it populates the port fields for you when you select pptp or ipsec.     But no can do so far for me, even with firewall off.   I guess I’ll be paying the 15% restock fee to return it if I can’t get this thing going.    Very simple task made difficult by WD.    Or is it me??

After experimenting with this exact same issue yesterday, I have found that my N900 7xGB port version simply does NOT allow you to use a custom port for vpn pass thru even if you setup port forwarding.  If I leave my vpn on the default pptp port of 1723 and forward that to my pptp server, it works fine.  If I attempt to use a non-standard port like 11750 and use the router like I have every other router I ever owd by setting the inbound port to 11750 and forwarding it to 1723, it fails to connect.  This was really a letdown for me as that is one of the main functions I require to be working and using the default ports for such things is never a wise idea.  It’s a shame that even cheap $20 routers can do this but the wd n900 cannot…

Update:  by using my old d-link 615 cheapo router first then running that into the N900, I have now re-enabled non-standard port forwarding for vpn traffic that takes the custom wan port and fowards it to the default 1723 port which is then passed just fine through the N900 now that it’s on the default port.  This is still an unacceptable issue that required knowledge on how to setup routing tables to allow both routers to be in line and additional hardware.  Again, I expected more from a $150 than I do from a cheap $20 one…