Vpn on my media server

So i have a win 7 machine that I use as a media server/torrent machine, i have a VPN on it to but for some reason my smp does not like my vpn. It will not find my server unless i turn off the vpn then my smp will find my server and i can turn my vpn back on but a few hours later i have to do it all over again is there a trick or something that I can do so i don’t have to constantly turn my vpn on and off

“have a VPN on it” is too vague for much help probably.  You mean you are running a VPN client on it?  Which client?  It certainly is possible to configure VPN clients so that your computer is effectively cut off from your LAN.  My suggestion is to get help from the VPN server entity or client software vendor.  Ask how to “enable LAN access.”  Make sure there aren’t IP conflicts between the LAN and remote network.  And so forth.  This is virtually certainly a networking issue that arises from your setup.