VPN on EX2?


is there any option to connect to the EX2 on VPN DIRECTLY? My router doesn’t provide any VPN, but I’ve heard that some NAS provide direct VPN server option.

Purpose: I’d like to VPN-connect from abroad and have folder-accesss on my EX2 to use Lightroom Libraries. (Best case I can set some folders as being available offline)

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Perhaps the following search query will be able to point you in the right direction:


which router you have. Is it current gen ac router. if so it should support vpn. And you get lifetime account from stacksocial offering many.

Keep posted on your router configuration.,

Thanks for your replys, but:

@Trancer: All threads I found were dealing with VPN on the router but as mentioned I’d like to install it on the NAS directly.

@DirtyMacho: It is one of those crapy internet boxes, o2 provides in Germany. I’m sure there is no option for VPN - the menu is that short, that I’ve read it completely.

Its time to get new AC series router. If you just need VPN. It is widely available at lesser cost than normal router if only VPN is only requirement.

Thanks, but it is not just the VPN function I am missing. I finally hat to realize the WD is no longer suiting my expectations.