Vorbis Audio in MKV


i have annyoing sound if i play mkv file that have Vorbis Audio (broken sound)

p.s: my device (wd tv live hd) version (1.04.17_V)

pls help me



i read these 2 topics but i didnt find the the answer

pls help me!!!

The Hub manual states that it supports Vorbis audio in an OGG container, as a standalone audio file.

There’s no mention of support for Vorbis in any other container.

There’s anecdotal evidence for Vorbis working without issue on the older Live/Plus models using older firmware but, again, it appears that it’s not officially supported.

However, I would say that if it supports the codec at all (and it does), there’s no reason it shouldn’t work properly in MKV or MP4 containers…

WD company pls we need update for this ((((( problem)))))

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