Volume Status is in degraded mode but all drives show "Good"

The WD Sharespace gave error message that drive 2 was in degraded mode. At first the drive status showed good, then, after a couple days the drive volume indicated a problem and finally showed failed. I RMA’d the drive and replaced it with a new drive last night. This morning the status indicated that (a) volume was degraded. All Volumes show Good. What do I do next?

Hi there, if I were you I’d take one drive out, zero it with DLG and then put it back in to cheat the Sharespace into rebuilding the RAID, see if it helps =)

You need to manually rebuild your array thru ssh console and mdadm utility.

Thank you both for your replies, I may have acted too quickly but prior to your replies I contacted WD tech support. His exact words were, “I hope you backed up your data”; fortunately I had. I replied that I thought the ShareSpace was hot swappable and that the volume would automatically be brought back. He said “that was the theory, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t”  I was directed to rebuild the raid to factory default and reconfigure. The rebuild took approximately 11 hours to complete. I then set the option to configure the raid from the default Raid 5 to Raid 1, logically deciding that if the WD Sharespace was only marginally hot swappable, that it was better to have the full mirror instead of the parity. After all this was complete the unit, without any data or other configuration changes, said that the extended volume was degraded, I re configured the raid 1 once again and the error message showed up again. in the Disc Manager, all volumes were good and showed the volume names. My thought was that the unit itself may be bad and not the hard drives, I contacted WD support and RMA’d the whole unit because it was still under warranty.