Volume rebuilding stuck, unavailable


(4) 6TB Drives

Raid 5

I had a drive failure and replaced a drive in one of my bays. Upon startup the EX4 reported that it was rebuilding volume 1 and it would take around 2,000 minutes.

For the last 6 hours the LCD panel has been reporing that it is rubuilding volume 1 and that there are 900 minutes remaining. The time remaining has not changed for 6 hours.

The power light is flashing red.

The drive is unavailable at the IP address.

What should I do?

So I called WD support, they said to give it a couple of weeks. Don’t touch it, don’t power it off, don’t even look at it like you’re mad at it.

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While I understand waiting can be a test of patience, it is best not to force the rebuilding process.