Volume Degraded - Fixed

I have a Western Digital 8TB ShareSpace which twice now has shown a scary blinking red light on the registered a degraded volume.  I looked all around these forums, searched on Google, looked all around within the sharespace admin options, but was unable to fine a way to fix this problem.   

Note: My 8TB ShareSpace has been setup with 4 drives, setup in two raid 1 pairs, so efectively I have 4TB of storage split in two.  For some reason my disk 2 (which s paired with disk 1) get listed as Degraded…

So, here’s what twice now I’ve been able to do to resolve this problem, since the disk itself is actually healthy.

Recovering from Degraded Volume

Log into admin

Go To Advanced

Go To Storage

Go to Disk Manager

Clean affected Disk

Go To System

Restart Unit

After restaring, The previously degraded volume will now Resync with it’s partner volume after a period of type. (you can track the progress by going to Storage, Volumes & Raid Management and click on “Recovering”

I was unable to reply on the 

Degraded message. Now what?

post that somecutzup  posted  (for some reason my Reply button is disabled when viewing posts)  If I could have, I would have just replied to this post instead of creating a new one, regardless I hope this is helpful to someone.