Volume 'DataVolume' is in degraded mode

This is clearly an ongoing problem.  There have been multiple posts on this topic but no solutions.  It seems that most often that the “failed” drive is Drive 2.

This would indicate to me that WD has a faulty controller or bad software  in the WD ShareSpace unit.

I reported mine and WD sent me a new drive.  After going through a rebuild of that drive, it too, reported the same error.

Now I can’t get WD to respond to my support question at all.

The clock is ticking on the RMA return and I sit and wait…

If, in fact the “failed” drive is good, and hooking it to my system shows that it is, then I need to wipe the data before returning it.

Also, I was a little surprised to see the formatting as FAT, the least efficient, most space wasting format type there is. 

I like WD drives and trust them over any other brand, but their other technology is rapidly becoming suspect.

Dude, the FS of the SS is EXT3, it only formats external drives as FAT.