Volume Control?

I’m greatly puzzled regarding the absence of volume adjustment controls on the WDTV Live remote.    Every media player I’ve used or tried previously has had that functionality.

 you can try the remote control app for android or iPhone

the volume feature has been requested,  you can go to the ideas forum and vote for it

actually i have it on mine button 1 and 3 if you i have that function enabled that turn my tv on and off with the wd and the volume followed

Seems most of the Volume control threads keep getting closed as duplicates as there is an option for an app on the android or iphone. What if you dont have an android or iphone?

I dont have either of these and it is really annoynig that this does not have volume control on the remote.

Is there any chance this will be fixed as i have read lots of post regarding this and its seems to be putting people of purchasing it.