Voice Lower than background

So I have noticed that when  I watch movies (in all formats supported) that the Voices are always lower than the background noise and I find myself lowering and raising the volume constantly. Now maybe I’m crazy but does anyone else have this problem?

I have not tried the box on a different TV yet to see if it’s just my TV.

WD TV Live, HDMI cable to TV, 1TB WD My Book.


I have the same player at home and I haven’t noticed that.

As a recommendation, try the device on a different tv and with different files to make sure that is not files issue.

Depending on how the channels are muxed in a 5.1 file, downmixing to 2.0 can work better or worse some times. Have you tried changing the Audio/Video Output > Dolby Dynamic Range Control setting?

Have you also checked your TV to see if you have some sort of audio ‘enhancement’ on.