VOB vs MKV files

New to themes but in trying them out on my live hub, I see and I’ve read that individual folders for films will not display properly. If I convert them to mkv files using handbrake, is there a loss in video or audio quality? I’m not familiar with Handbrake and would appreciate the best settings to use or a different progam if another is better.

Thanks for any input.

Just change your DVD folders to ISO, a lot quicker, and you will retain any menus etc.

The Hub handles ISOs better from what I have read and you will be able to get metadata easier as well.

Just Google DVD to ISO, or Video TS to ISO and there should be lots of guides.

Actually, the HUB will handle ISO’s and MKV’s about the same.

As far as loosing any quaility using Hanbrake, no not really.  It all depends on your settings in Handbrake as to the quaility of the mkv, if you use the High Profile preset, you shouldn’t notice any real difference between the original and the mkv.  And if you do, you can change the Constant Quailty (RF 20 is about as high as you want to go).  You should do a couple of test files first just to make sure you have the setting were you want them, but once you do, you’ll be able to use those settings for all your files and have a good quaility mkv.

And there are a few advantages to using HB mkv over ISO.  Smaller files size (reducing a 7GB file to 1GB or under) for one.

Yeah the reason I stuck with ISOs, is he is only on about using themes, so rather than him taking forever recoding things, and lets be honest it can be time consuming and hit or miss initially, I thought let him change to ISOs in minutes to have a play with themes and metadata.

Thanks for the input. I’ll experiment with both formats today. Going with iso would be a huge time saver BUT the thought of saving all the drive space is very tempting.

Thanks again!