.vob playback problem

Hello all,

I have just set up my new live hub, mapped all my 300 movies to the video library sat and down to wach our first movie; playback started well until the end for the first .vob file 20 mins in when playback stopped.

Looking at it it the player is only playing the first .vob file in the ts_video folder.

In the folder their is all the normal ts folder structure the files pay fine with every other player.

I have tested a few movies and all so far suffer from the same problem.

I have searched the forum but found no solid fixes, some people sat they don’t have this problem.

Is their a problem with the playback of these files?

Any suggestions would be gladly received.

P.S. I’m using the latest firmware version.

Thank you.

Were you able to use the DVDs menus? If not, you didnt start playback correctly, or the rip is not correct.

Hi, the majority of  DVD’s are ripped with just the main movie only not the whole DVD.

I have just tried one that has the whole DVD ripped, this one plays the very first intro .vob file then stops, it doesn’t get to the main menu.

All these DVD’s play fine with various media players.

Thanks for you response.

Are the vobs in a folder named exactly VIDEO_TS


Yes thats correct the folder is called VIDEO_TS


I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but you shouldnt even see the VOB files. Mine start playing as soon as I get to the folder… I don’t even see the underlying VIDEO_TS folder… It just plays fine… Most of my DVDs are ISOs, but I just tested a view VOB sets and they all played fine…

Do a full recursive directory listing of the folder one step HIGHER than the VIDEO_TS folder and post it here.


That’s correct I don’t see the underlying folder or vob files either.

If I select say Date night from the video menu, play back starts straight away, if I then choose to skip to a point in the move I can see the length of the file been played, aprox 20 mins or so, if I skip to near the end or just let it play to the end it then stops. This stop is the end of the first .vob file.


Yeah, theres something about your rip that is not DVD compliant… Doesn’t matter if others play it OK… The WDs expect full compliance… If it only thinks it’s 20 minutes, then it’s something wrong in the PGC data encoded in the IFO files.

I suspect you are MISSING a file from your ripped DVD. At any rate, if the “Video_TS” folder was intact you can turn it into an ISO file (same thing, just no folders) using the free program “Imgburn.” Creating DVD Images (ISO): 1. install “passkey lite” which is free (leave running or start only when needed; this enables copying of protected DVD’s legally) 2. use “Imgburn” and choose “create Image file from disc” Other: If your current DVD folder menus don’t work correctly you can either rerip the disc or use a program like Handbrake to extract just the movie.


Yes i would agree but on the main icon in the main video window it shows the length of the movie correctly e.g. 90min / 120mins.


That info is coming from the metadata you pulled, not the DVD…

Thanks that makes sense.


Files as requested.

VIDEO_TS_BUP      6KB     BUP File

VIDEO_TS                 6KB     MPEG


VTS-01_0.BUP        52K     BUP File

VTS_01_0                1,048,574 KB     MPEG

VTS_01_1                1,048,574 KB     MPEG

VTS_01_2                1,048,574 KB     MPEG

VTS_01_3                1,048,574 KB     MPEG

VTS_01_4                 834,775 KB     MPEG


Yeah, that looks wrong. Theres a missing IFO file… The one that should match sizes with that 52k BUP file.


Can I recreate this file from the BUP file, is that not a backup of the IFO file.


Probably. Just make a copy, keep the filename the same, just change the extension to BUP. But if the ripper didn’t make it, it probably doesn’t do other things, too…


I have renamed the file VIDEO_TS to VIDEO_TS.IFO

And the VTS_01_0 to VTS-01_0.IFO

Both of these files were shown as MGEP but under properties they showed “MPEG(IFO)”

The player now plays all the files in the correct order however ideas is a break in play back when one file ends and the other one starts.

Almost their, any other ideas chaps.

Thanks again.