VOB files in a folder play randomly and out of my control

This is weird and frustrating, I apologize if it’s been covered elsewhere.

I can play a single VOB file by itself in a folder, select it and it plays. Yipee.

But if I go to a folder that contains an entire DVD and try to play ANY VOB file - WD TV Live picks one (randomly) and only plays that one.No matter what I pick, doesnt matter if Press next or prev, nothing I do can make it play anything but this one VOB file it picked.

Any ideas? This basically makes playing VOB files useless.

It seems a bug with multi-title VIDEO_TS folders. Many people reported it, for example in this thread.

Workarounds include:

  • making an ISO file and playing this instead
  • renaming the VOB files so that the WDTV Live don’t get too confused with the titles numbering