VOB files and subtitles

Hi, I have seen some post on this issue, but I am new to the board, and could not click the “reply” button for some reason.

Anyhow, I have ripped som DVD’s into VOB files with DVDfab, and also merged the VOB files into one VOB file. I have also ripped some DVD’s to ISO files. Now, here is the issue :

The VOB files plays ok, but with no subtitle option, they are not there at all. But the subtitles is present playing the VOB file on my PC.

Playing the ISO files will display the titles fine, no problem there.

I have WD TV live gen.3, and the VOB files is in VIDEO_TS folder, and a NAS, using network share, not media server.

Have you tried playing back the files from a USB drive? Does the subtitles works in this way?  You may also try updating the WD TV to its latest firmware.

Hi, I have the latest firmware as of july 2012, but have not tried via usb. I will try it, but I must be using the nas anyway for later use. I am not playing the vob files via a mediaserver on the nas, so this puzzels me.

So why not go with ISO then?

this will never work perfectly as the SMP doesn’t handle VIDEO_TS as well as it does ISO.

it will probably work better for you on a USB drive than the NAS as is the case with most people on this forum.

sorry & good luck.

Yes, I am currently ripping ISO’s for precisly this subtitle issue. I have some VOB files as well, but it seems I need to rip them again in ISO.

I was uncertain if I should use VOB or ISO, but now it seems that ISO is the way to go anyway, though it will use a little more space on my NAS.

But on the other hand I think this issue should be resolved in some way, but perhaps it is not WD’s fault in any case.