VNC connection issues

I am tryign to get VNC to work, i have the appropriate ports forward set up but the connections times out,

What ios strange is both Logmein and Jump both work , and Jump uses tightvnc as its protocol…

But when using a plain vnc viewer no dice…

Setup is cable modem to router ( my net n900 central )

Win 7

All other features seem to work as far as the wd2go, etc… even remote admin of the router is functioning.

Any ideas or suggestions for configuration??

Check the VNC service website to see if any port forwarding required

It depends on how your VNC server is set up, and what port it wants to use.

Some use 5900, some use 5901 by default for the “raw” connection.

Some VNC servers also use port 5800 (or 5801) for a Java-based VNC “thin” viewer connection that doesn’t require VNC Client.

After rebooting the router a couple of times VNC started accepting connections through a plain viewer, so now all three methods of Logmein, Jump Desktop and VNC will work ( i know but someitmes one is nicer than the other :wink:  )


for the help, Also after reboot the default password came back and i had to change it again… just FYI in case anyone reads old posts