VLC Player for Android

Hello all,
I purchased my EX2 Ultra primarily as an audio server; music, audio books etc., for use with my Android phone. I found the My Cloud app not really fit for purpose so downloaded VLC player for Android. Not really understanding networking protocol or language, I kinda looked through all the settings got a bit confused and left it alone but eventually VLC found the EX2 on my local network, connected and away we went, brilliant. Occasionally it wouldn’t connect or would disappear but for the most part worked as i wanted it.
Now the drive has disappeared completely… The My Cloud app recognises & is connected to the EX2 but as far as the rest of my phone is concerned it doesn’t exist. I’ve reinstalled both the My Cloud app and VLC, I’ve resent activation codes and have also tried a different media player, Foobar2000, but to no avail.
Any help or suggestions would muchly appreciated. With the My Cloud app not really doing what i want it to do the entire point of going NAS is becoming redundant