VLC Mulitcast Stream on WDTV


Is there any way to get a VLC Multicast Stream on a WDTV?


Streaming from my Media PC (Windows 7) over VLC RTP Multicast to another laptop and to two WD TV Boxes

No, not via MULTICAST per se, but VLC might be able to convert a mcast stream to a unicast stream directed at the Live. 

I’m guessing at this.  I don’t believe the Live supports multicast because it does not issue IGMP messages when it comes on line.   IGMP is the protocol that makes a multicast source aware of a new receiver of its stream.   The transmitter should only send packets when it knows there are clients out there to receive it, otherwise it’s wasting bandwidth.

In addition, the Live would need to present to the user a list of multicasts that it can subscribe to.   There’s no facility for that, either.


But Unicast could only feed one Device or not?

Yes, in which case VLC would need to send multiple unicast streams.

I have no idea what VLC’s capabilities are in that regard.

ok anyway thank you