Vital questions regarding AppStore MyCloud app

i’ve started to use MyCloud app from appstore. And right away several questions raised up:

  1. Sync process is strange - I have synced ~ 1 of 2GB of media files I had on iPhone, then i had to leave, so i disconnected the devices. Next time I plugged-in hoping to continue - it started from the very beginning (?!?)
  2. I need to free some space on my iPhone, so I hope to place most of media to MyPassport, but delete some of them from iPhone. I want to MAKE SURE the app won’t delete those media from MyPassport when next time it won’t find the correspondences on iPhone - so i want files to be deleted on MyPassport HDD only when I manually delete them from there. Or the app is USELESS here, I’d better leave it and do everything manually instead? I want to combine the function of sync, but to be on safe side regarding the deletion.

All in all - there is no more detailed information regarding syncronization process in “My Passport” app: it just starts in some moment, progress bar is strange - for instance, it shows “30 of 500 files”, then “40 of 500 files”, then “30 of 500 files” again, so the indicator is not accurate, it starts a non-completed process from the very beginning next time…


The My Cloud Mobile App does not synchronize your files, it backs up your media files such as pictures and videos. If you delete files from your iPhone, they will remain on the My Passport Wireless.

If you configure an Auto-backup, it shouldn’t start the whole backup process again, just add the new files and updates. Here’s a useful article for more information:

Thank you! It seems to me I’ve put ‘auto-backup’ option to ‘on’, however, the process of uploading started again next time from the very beginning as i described. But i will recheck when i get home.

Maybe this link can help you:

Sorry for bothering again. But not only this program is buggy and synchronizes the same files again. But it also has run absolutely the same process in parallel (!) So i’ve got several duplicates of the same media files!
It’s a total madness. Please, fix it, otherwise as is - it’s not usable at all.

I have a special folder to upload into and then move the files elsewhere. I do not get dups by doing this because I select the photos/videos to upload since the last ones I don’t have this issue, and unless you are doing something similar you should be syncing fine. I also upload to my network My Cloud NAS, not to the MPW.