Vista Will No Longer Recognize my Passport

Have Vista 32-bit with a passport 3200ME (320G).

Have been using it with no problems but now when I plug it in I cannot see the drive.  The light comes on and I here it spin up normally

  • Device manager sees it and USB shows mass drive; also in the lower right taskbar

  • Disk manager sees it as Disk 1 but not initialized and no drive letter assigned.  I click on initialize and as MBR but then get the error message “Incorrect Function”

This drive has a lot of import information that I need, don’t care about the drive I just need my stuff off of it.   Is it the drive itself or connection problem?



I have WD2500ME (250 GB), was working very normal.

All of a sudden, it is not recognized by windows anymore:

  • In device manager, it is appears as “disabled” with an error code “This device is disabled. (Code 22)”.
  • Trying to enable it, I got the message “windows was not able to enable this device”.
  • I tried to uninstall and re-install the device driver but no progress.

Same like you I have very important data on it and need urgent help to solve this matter.