Vista Programm

I have Window  Vista and II am trying to made WDL: WD 1200 BO15 -RNN Externel Drive to work again it used to work but I lost all my Programm and now the Disk I have for the WD Book tells me when I install This programm has known Compatibility issues what can I do , thanks for the help .


Hi, WDL: WD 1200 BO15 -RNN is not a correct model number and what is the name of the program you are trying to install?

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The Name of the Programm is Retrospect 6.5 and Model # for my External Drive is WD1200BO15-RNN and I insall the Disk but it keep telling me This programm has Compatibility know issuesIam using Vista what can I do I even removed the Avast Virus protection still don’t work .

Please help…

Thanks Horst

It’s actually WD1200B015, not WD1200BO15.   (It’s a ZERO, not an OH.)

The forum you posted in is for the My Book Live NAS, not the “Dual Option USB” drive (which is a REALLY old product.)

You can try looking here: