Vista PC Won't Sleep W/ Smartware

I have:

Vista pc
Linksys wrt1900ac router
2 - 4 TB my clouds- both connected to router

I created a restore point prior to installing wd Smartware. Prior to installing, the computer had no issues going to sleep. After installing Smartware the computer will not sleep unless I manually put it to sleep. I’ve uninstalled Smartware and restored the computer to the restore point and the computer will sleep on its own again. I’ve been in the store WD Quick View only and I run into the same issue with the computer not sleeping as with the full SmartWare install that included WD quick view.

Any ideas on a solution? Also, is there a way to access the dashboard for my iClouds without quick view installed? I still have a shortcut on my desk top for the dashboard that links to the IP address, but it doesn’t work. Thanks in advance for any assistance. John

WD SmartWare works when your computer goes into idle mode, which conflicts with sleep mode. I’d suggest changing the WD SmartWare backup engine mode from Continuous to Schedule, and set a specific time.

I previously switched from continuous to scedeuled mode as suggested on other threads but that didn’t work either. My last install was quick view only (not Smartware) and still could not get computer to sleep on its own. I didn’t see any preferences in quick view that I could change. Any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

For your Dashboard desktop shortcut have you done a right click on it, opened up Properties and checked to make sure the correct URL is showing.

In your computer control panel, power options,  how long is it suppose to wait until it goes into sleep mode?

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cat0w (USA)

I’ll check URL again on Dashboard short cut. 

Regarding power options, its set for monitor to sleep at 10 ahd hard drive to sleep at 15.  When I have previously installed smartware or quick view i’ve gone back to check the power options and they haven’t changed from the 10 and 15 above…John