Vista laptop does not see WD Boxes

Could use some help with this one. My Vista machine does not see my WD box’s shares unless there is a windows7 machine on the network.

My configurations is

WINDOWS 7 Server
Windows Vista Laptop
all machines are wired ethernet to hub

Recently I noticed that when I do not have the Windows7 machine on, the Vista machine cannot see the WD boxes on the network. It see them as the web login icons but not as computers that I can connect to and view the drives.

Turn on the windows7 machine and voila, they appear in my network group. I can then shut off the windows7 machine and I still see and have access to the WD boxes.

I do not recall having this issue in the past, but it’s hard to tell as most often the windows7 server is on (using it for a download box)

Anyone have any thoughts on this issue. Sometype of workgroup setting? I cant imagine why I would need a win7 box to get the netbios names of my wd boxes.

As a side note, prior to having a livehub I do not recall ever having this issue with just the liveplus

Thanks in advance


If your VISTA box doesn’t see them, is the VISTA box in the same WORKGROUP name as all the other devices?

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

Thanks, that’s an amazing article, big props for writing it.

Machines are in the same workgroup simply “WORKGROUP”, but I am having issues with the vista box doing a “new view” from a CMD so I am assumin it has something to do with that. I’ll go through your article a bit more in depth and see what i can come up with. 

Like I said, though, as long as there is a windows7 box on the net… the vista box sees the WDs. I just retested. Vista saw no shares it could attach to. I then booted a Assus mini-laptop with win7 and we are up and running clean.

Thanks for the help and the great article. Ill let you know how it goes